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How the Right Attitude Makes Toolbox Talks Better

Two Workers Engaging in a Positive Discussion

Employees aren’t always eager to participate in toolbox talks. In many workplaces, people treat toolbox talks like they’re a trip to the dentist. Workers only show up because they have to, no one wants to participate, and everyone is glad when the talk is over. There’s always a reason why toolbox talks aren’t viewed positively. […]

The One Guaranteed Way to Kill Toolbox Talks

This construction supervisor is wearing a red hard hat and pointing and yelling at someone.

I’ve talked to a lot of different people about how they run their toolbox talks. Nobody does things exactly the same way. But there’s one aspect that just about everyone has in common—their toolbox talks aren’t perfect. It’s easy to make an error here of there in planning, writing or executing talks. That’s not exactly […]