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What Is A Toolbox Talk? Here’s Your Answer

Construction workers discuss safety issues during a toolbox talk

Ask ten safety people what a toolbox talk is and how they conduct them, and you’ll get ten different answers. But almost every definition of a toolbox talk will contain the same goal of better engagement and awareness. And if you take a closer look at how their toolbox talks work, you’ll see a lot […]

8 Ways to Improve Toolbox Talks and Hold Awesome Safety Meetings

Workers wearing hard hats and safety glasses in the middle of a toolbox talk focused on risk assessment

Nobody is perfect at delivering safety talks. Fortunately, there are lots of different ways to improve toolbox talks, and making incremental improvements will lead to much more effective  talks down the road. Here are several ways to start holding better toolbox talks and tailgate meetings. Why not pick one and start working on it now? […]

How the Right Attitude Makes Toolbox Talks Better

Two Workers Engaging in a Positive Discussion

Employees aren’t always eager to participate in toolbox talks. In many workplaces, people treat toolbox talks like they’re a trip to the dentist. Workers only show up because they have to, no one wants to participate, and everyone is glad when the talk is over. There’s always a reason why toolbox talks aren’t viewed positively. […]

The One Guaranteed Way to Kill Toolbox Talks

This construction supervisor is wearing a red hard hat and pointing and yelling at someone.

I’ve talked to a lot of different people about how they run their toolbox talks. Nobody does things exactly the same way. But there’s one aspect that just about everyone has in common—their toolbox talks aren’t perfect. It’s easy to make an error here of there in planning, writing or executing talks. That’s not exactly […]

Warning: 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Ruin Toolbox Talks

A safety sign warns employees about a workplace hazard

Delivering toolbox talks doesn’t have to be complicated. But to get them right, you need to do several things before, during and after each toolbox talk. Here are several ways that a safety talk can go off the rails—make any of these fives mistakes and you’ll be missing out on a lot of the value […]

How to Get the Most from Winter Toolbox Talks

Workers shovel a sidewalk in the winter weather

We all know that winter weather can be a problem. And so do your workers. Nobody needs to be told that it’s easy to slip on ice, or that cold weather can cause frostbite or worse. But there’s no getting around the fact that winter conditions will still contribute to injuries every year—even though everybody […]