9 Benefits of Toolbox Talks (If You Get Them Right)

Three construction workers with safety vests and hard hats in a good mood after a tailgate talk.

Too many people treat toolbox talks like a chore. I’ve never understood why. There are tons of benefits to toolbox talks if you conduct them regularly and get them right. Even better, they provide such an outsized impact on safety attitudes and outcomes when compared to the time and effort spent in preparing and delivering […]

Warning: 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Ruin Toolbox Talks

A safety sign warns employees about a workplace hazard

Delivering toolbox talks doesn’t have to be complicated. But to get them right, you need to do several things before, during and after each toolbox talk. Here are several ways that a safety talk can go off the rails—make any of these fives mistakes and you’ll be missing out on a lot of the value […]

How to Get the Most from Winter Toolbox Talks

Workers shovel a sidewalk in the winter weather

We all know that winter weather can be a problem. And so do your workers. Nobody needs to be told that it’s easy to slip on ice, or that cold weather can cause frostbite or worse. But there’s no getting around the fact that winter conditions will still contribute to injuries every year—even though everybody […]

3 Useful Guides on Selecting the Best Flame-Resistant Clothing

A welder wears flame-resistant clothing while working.

There are dozens of FR vendors out there, all trying to sell variations on the same workwear. Which means there’s a lot of noise that can distract safety folks from the criteria that matters. And make no mistake—there are several factors that should be heavily considered every time flame-resistant clothing is purchased. It’s important to […]

Toolbox Talks for November: Monthly Toolbox Talks

A fatigued truck driver yawns while driving.

A lot of people struggle with topics for toolbox talks for November. It’s shoulder season and the safety issues aren’t as obvious as they are for other months. I’ve pulled together some issues that should be addressed in November. (But don’t forget that other safety topics should still be discussed too.) Weather Issues Guns N’ […]

4 Awesome Sources for Free Toolbox Talks

Close-up of a pair of construction boots. One leg on the top of a red toolbox.

If you’ve spent hours searching online for free toolbox talks, you’re not alone. The search for reliable sources for safety meetings and tailgate talks never seems to end. Hopefully, this blog post helps ease the irritation of constantly looking for toolbox talks on the Internet. I’ve compiled four websites that offer quality toolbox talks for […]

Toolbox Talks for October: Monthly Toolbox Talks

Mature carpenter in workshop using circular saw while wearing eye protection at home

There’s no shortage of things to talk about in toolbox talks for October. The month is host to several safety awareness campaigns that cover issues like eye safety, hearing protection and fire safety. Weather can also be a big factor in October, especially when it comes to slips, trips and falls. Eye Safety (Especially at […]

Why I Started Writing Toolbox Talks from Scratch

Writing toolbox talks

If you’re reading this, you likely have to write or use toolbox talks as part of your job. You’re a crew supervisor who is supposed to deliver toolbox talks—but you don’t know how to create them. You’re an EHS manager who is responsible for making sure everyone at your worksite receives regular toolbox talks—but you […]