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Best Tool Box

Are you bored of using regular toolboxes in your garage which are normally available everywhere? Or you may be trying to find some new boxes for your new store? So, if you are looking for such items, you are at the right place – with the help of this guide you can easily find the one you are searching for!

Here in this guide, I will shortlist the toolboxes from smallest and simplest to the largest and classy, they are a very beneficial resource for transporting, organizing and storing your tools, in addition to your screws, nuts, nails, and any other accessory.

Below, we have mentioned some of the best toolboxes for you, so you can easily choose and buy the best one.

Product Price
Ridgid Tool Box SetCheck Price
Stanley Fatmax Tool Box Check Price
Craftsman Tool ChestCheck Price
ECLIPSE/PRO’S KIT SB-2918 Multi-Function Tool BoxCheck Price
Ketar 241008 Portable Rolling ToolboxCheck Price

Ridgid Tool Box set Reviews

RIDGID Professional Tool Storage Cart & Organizer Stack

Ridgid Tool Box

RIDGID Professional Tool Storage Cart & Organizer Stack is one of the best Best Stackable Tool Box for Professionals. They look flexible and very professional, and the main benefit of using this stackable box setup is it comes with 3 separate compartments. The boxes of this rigid set are pretty strong, created from durable resin with well-made latches. In addition, the product comes with 3 different sizes that can be locked both separately and together. Gasket seal is another best feature of this toolbox, which keeps your stuff dust and waterproof.

The organizer stack also comes with a strong couple of wheels, so if you need to move your whole toolbox from one place to another, then this storage enables you to carry it.

The package doesn’t include locks for the toolset, you have to buy locks yourself. In individual cases, you can use small size locks as well.

Convenience and user-friendliness is the only minor flaw in the system. To get access to the bottom box, first, you will need to remove the top ones. This is a great product with only minor flaws.


  1. High impact resin and heavy duty construction.
  2. Ridgid tool box set has all terrain wheels.
  3. RIDGID Professional Tool Storage Cart can be Clean Easily.
  4. It features water and dust seal.

Stanley Fatmax Tool Box

Stanley STST18613 3-in-1 Rolling WorkShop

Stanley Fatmax Tool Box review

STANLEY has a big name in the market of toolboxes. Stanley STST18613 3-in-1 Rolling WorkShop is one of the best rolling toolboxes for garage and is one of the most flexible items on this list. The benefit of using this toolbox is it has many compartments for storage with different capacities. And the cantilevered design is the main advantage of the product. The bottom of the box is a bin that can adjust more extensive parts and tools.

You can use this toolbox to transport and store all types of equipment. The toolbox has four spaces for storage tools, with easy access to reach every single area. This feature makes the product the best choice for those who search for the most appropriate and convenient toolsets. Also, a lot of people use this Stanley STST18613 3-in-1 Rolling WorkShop to the gun tool and magic equipment, as well as to hold anything from camping supplies. The pair of durable wheels make this extremely stable and very mobile.The design of the toolset is very durable that’s why it’s not entirely waterproof but better as compare to other sets in the market.


  1. Metal front and side latches for heavy duty usage – side latches can be clicked shut with or without organizer.
  2. It has Removable tray allows enough space for larger tools to be stored underneath.
  3. The Stanley STST18613 3-in-1 Rolling WorkShop can be used for Power Tool Accessories, Misc. Power Tool Accessories.

Craftsman Tool Chest

 Craftsman 26 In 6 Drawer Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Top Chest Box DIY Red 37711


This strong & durable craftsman tool chest will keep your equipment’s safe and organized. The toolset comes with six separate sections with different sizes for all the tools you have. The advantage of buying the Craftsman Tool Chest is that you get 3 full-sized and 3 split sections. This toolset is also fitted with a top space for extra storage that is meant for large products or other extra supplies.

The Craftsman Tool Chest has a recessed side handles so you can easily move it from one side to another. Besides, you can easily lock all drawers which is a good thing. The thing I find in this item is its quality, the item is made up of sturdy and well-made steel, and its sections roll in out pretty easily.The downside of the product is that the lock is too weak and flimsy.


  1. It has Full-extension drawers in three different sizes help you maximize your space by fitting the right size of drawer to its contents.
  2. This is using Ball-bearing drawer slides glide smoothly with up to 75 pounds in each drawer.
  3. This Craftsman Tool Chest Aluminum drawer pulls fit the entire length of each drawer

ECLIPSE/PRO’S KIT SB-2918 Multi-Function Tool Box

ECLIPSE/PRO’S KIT SB-2918 Multi-Function Tool Box

If it’s your first time buying toolbox then ECLIPSE/PRO’S KIT SB-2918 Multi-Function ToolBox is an excellent and cheaper option to buy as a beginner with basic drawer storage. And that is a brilliant thing if you have just ordered your first toolset for supplies.

This multi-function toolbox is reasonable and affordable in price which is the best choice for newbies. The tool is straightforward with no advanced features to speak of. On the other hand, the product comes with a removable tote tray inside the toolbox. So you can use it to store your equipment as well as your hardware.

This is the best Small Mobile Cheap Tool Box for Home that could be a great option at a cheaper cost.


  1. This a Heavy-duty tool box is ideal for home, office, auto or craft.
  2. ECLIPSE/PRO’S KIT SB-2918 Multi-Function ToolBox is comfortable and rugged handle for convenient carrying.
  3. This tool box is made from high impact resistant polypropylene.

Keter Tool Box

Ketar 241008 Portable Rolling Toolbox

Keter Tool Box

In the field of the toolbox, the brand Ketar has more than sixty years of experience. This company is one of the best and well-known companies in the market which has won an award for Excellency and high quality of the products. So if you are looking for a best and high rolling toolset for a longer era, then this  Ketar 241008 Portable Rolling Toolbox is the best choice for you.

This portable rolling toolbox comes with modular and advanced design mounted on a pair of wheels. You can easily separate and remove each module of the product with full functionality. This high-quality rolling tool set comes with great features that will surely be useful and is made up of resistant plastics. The tool set has three dimensions and the middle one is wider and perfect for hand supplies.


  1.  This  Ketar 241008 Portable Rolling Toolbox has Central locking mechanism for security.
  2. It has Extendable handle for ease when rolling.
  3. Ketar 241008 Portable Rolling Toolbox also contains Tool divider inside for organizing tools.

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